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ConsultExpo 2018 was a resounding success!

ConsultExpo 2018 was a resounding success!

ConsultExpo 2018 was a resounding success!

Consultexpo 2018 made people feel really good, it encouraged them to express themselves!

Over 500 business owners and visitors enjoyed the experience of meeting the management consultants.

It gave them the opportunity to receive new information, see management tools and techniques, exchange ideas and learn from consultants, it was invigorating with all kinds of unlimited possibilities available to everyone.
Everyone enjoyed the opening day on the third floor of the Blue Sky Tower, beginning with coffee at the Mongolian Ger then getting photographed at the Expo press corner, absorbing the excitement and the air of anticipation circling the room.

People were happy at Expo because it was not just a typical convention or conference!

This was a gathering of likeminded people charged with the responsibility of turning the businesses around in Mongolia. The mood in the Expo hall and Seminar room was filled with the aspirations of people who all agreed that
business is not about money or profit, there is so much more.
The drive and determination of the Consult Expo 2018 management team made up of 10 dedicated young people led by young lady S.Urangoo, including 6 volunteers, along with three incredibly talented men from the Armist design team and their 7 assistants made Expo an exceptional
medium in directing participants minds towards the future and making them believe in the capability of local consultants.

A gift of a book by Mrs Oyun one of the four consultant authors was provided by the consultants to the participants.

The presenters Mr.Altansuh, Mr.Tegshburen, Mr.Garrett, Mr.Tsetsen,
Mr.Yadamdorj, Mrs.Altangerel, Mrs.Danaasuren, Mr.Sarandavaa,
Mrs.Baigalmaa, Mr.Khangai, Mr.Bum-Erdene, Mr.Mendbayar, Mr.Chimiddorj, Mr.Enkhbayar and Mr.Sak were all truly impressive!
Your passion and your desire to change people’s minds and attitudes towards
the benefits of management consultancy worked so well! You are all so gifted
and please continue to share your dreams and ambitions with us!

The seminar moderators Mr.Thorsten and Mr.Khishigsuren were brilliant.
Mr.Khishigsuren from Development Solution has always been there when MMCI needed him most.

Many people have said this event exceeded their expectations and despite the fact that weren’t enough chairs in the room and it was uncomfortably warm no one left.

The consultants witnessed for themselves that the demand for consulting service is high, if we unite and support each other. Competing is only an illusion, collaborating is what clients want, as only this will improve efficiency, service and effectiveness of consulting engagements.

As Mr.Sak mentioned Mongolia is only 27 years old and the capitalist system is complex and confusing for politicians, businesses and people. The consultants are the best No 2, as No 1’s are too busy, therefore it is up to
consultants who help No1’s to take good decisions and be confident at what they do.

So, ConsultExpo 2018, which organised by the MMCI and sponsored by the Khan Bank and IBI was incredible. We thank all of the major sponsors for their financial support and tireless efforts to develop the Mongolian consulting
industry, which is a major force for change in improving the largest however inefficient SME sector.

We are extremely grateful to the Expo Gold sponsor, Khublai Re, sponsors Altan Joloo Co, and Tavan Bogd International Co, and other supporters such as the Mongolian Chamber of Commerce, the EBRD and Media sponsors Eagle TV, Bloomberg, Business Radio and Eco TV.

Seven events, which were participated by over 500 business owners and managers and which was organised by MMCI for SMEs and Corporations prior to ConsultExpo 2018, with the assistance of the Khan Bank also brought
positive results and appreciation from participants.
Special thanks to MMCI’s heart and mind Mr.Chimiddorj, the President of MMCI, Mr.Z.Batgerelt, Director of Yaruu Suvarga, Mr.Bayanmunkh, Director of BDO Mongolia,
Mr.Munkhbadrakh, Director of Sanhuuch and Mr.Bolor, Director of NSC, Mr.Bat-Orshikh, Director of Development Solution NGO.

ConsultExpo 2019 is on its way!

ConsultExpo 2018 Management Team:

Mrs.Urangoo Odgerel
Ms.Enkh-Uyanga Tugsbileg
Ms.Khulan Bayarsaihan
Mrs.Enkhtuul Ireedui
Mrs.Nomin Ganzorig
Mrs.Enkhmandah Erdenesuren
Mrs.Tuul Davaa
Mr.Ganbolor Tamir

Ms. Micheel
Mr. Margad
Ms.Tungalag gegee

Armist Design Studio:

Business Consulting Book team:


Quick Business Assessment development team: